Nitin Takkale

Director - Neekke Worlds

Coming together is a


Keeping together is a


Working together is a


A journey of World, journey of 10 years, inspiring the successful smiles of the world....!!!

10 years of journey, 10 years changed into 10 millions of the successful and satisfied guest around the world. The journey which reached from years and years which made a miracle to change the world into tourism. Our Great and Valuable customers, Clients, Guests, Team added a photogenic drawing to us. At Neekke worlds the Main focus was always given to the SATISFACTION of the customer, Guests, Clients and many more....

It's our great Customers who have made us what we are today and will make us a successful traveler in the upcoming future. We travel the world beyond the 7 Seas with our Precious Customers sharing the joys and sorrows of the world and life.

Success in future. The Founder and the Director of "Neekke Worlds - Mr. Nitin Takkale" who generated the ideas to form the Worldwide Tourism Leisure for our Valuable Guests, to serve them the better holiday of their Dreams !! for years and years !! decades and decades !!

A young Traveler and a Destinations Expert - The President of Neekke Worlds Ms. Nikeetaa Takkale , who inspired the growth of Business and who cared her theoretical knowledge towards crafting exclusive and luxurious travel leisure. With Her Experience which spread over at her young age.