River Cruises & Holiday Packages

You are about discover the most wonderful way to explore India

No more bad roads, traffic jams , or travelling through heat and dust. Board the cruise ship, drop anchor at will, embark right into doorsteps of the monuments, temples, rustic towns. No more pack unpack, your intimate hotel, the river cruiser moves with you;

Be it the mansions in urban setting, monuments in ancient towns or the mangroves on the remote islands – unearth the daily life steeped in generations of abiding customs, rituals, beliefs and craftsmanship, which is reflected in the variety of folklores, music, weaving, pottery, foods and festivals.The river is a silent testimony to the immutable undercurrent of Indian Spirituality and Philosophy. Sourced from the Himalayas to the magnanimous delta of Sunderbans.., no river plays a more important role, religious, cultural, economic and social in the lives of the people than the River Ganges

Ever changing landscapes, smooth sailing, gourmet cuisine, carefully chosen excursions, well informed guides, live cultural shows in the evening, all this and more... truly an experience of a lifetime which we call ‘Experience Ganges'.

We have also been offering the most luxurious and successful inland waterway cruise to Varanasi, lower Ganges and Sunderbans. However, in recent years lots of queries from our visitors have compelled us to go forward with the short river trips in Ganges and Day Cruises.

Cruising on the Ganges is very riveting owing to the fact that the banks on both sides of the river are impregnated with historical significance. Vivada Cruises brings for its guests exotic Ganges Cultural cruises and Sunderban cruises in luxury inland cruisers like M.V. Paramhamsa as well as fun cruising in smaller luxury cruisers like M.V. Ahalya and M.V. Millennium.

Charter a Cruise Be it a family or a corporate, social or official, small or big, a cruise party will be a one remembered for long, maybe lifetime.

Charter a boat, design a theme, select the route and add activities and entertainment; Surprise every one with a Cruise on Vivada !!!

Why cruising : Cruiser is the Accommodation as well as mode of travel which make the venue dynamic and interesting. Changing landscapes, freshness in the air and in the flowing water makes the ambiance a exclusive one.

What we can do for you :

Boat Parties Conference on Ganges Team building on Ganges Ganges cruise, an incentive. We at Neekke Worlds provide customised River Cruise holidays for families and couples. We provide the most competitive price in the travel field as we have been a consolidator/wholesaler for many a destinations over the past 4 decades. Please mail us your requirement on or call us on 020 60 22 23 24 / +91 788744 3338 / +91 788744 3339 to get the best cabin price for your holiday.